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GovCon Funding Corporation ("GCFC") provides strategic advice, integrated funding solutions, and asset management services, to government contractors in support of their federal contracts. GCFC provides funding platforms for manufacturers, suppliers and service providers operating within the aerospace, defense, energy, homeland security, transportation, and government service markets.


GCFC integrates our advisory services group with our global lending group, and asset management services,  to navigate the complexities and funding challenges associated with the government contracting process. Our Distressed Asset Redeployment Program (DARP) provides global financial institutions with the ability to transition non-performing loans off their balance sheet.  GCFC provides our clients with direct access to commercial banks, debt sponsors, insurance companies, global investment firms, private equity firms, and privately held lending institutions. At GCFC we understand that it takes the right integration of financial products and strategic guidance to properly execute on a government contract.  

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