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Navigating a New Path Forward


COVID-19 has created a new economic reality for middle-market companies operating in the aerospace, defense, and national security sectors, fundamentally changing their ability to access capital. From our perspective, executives must rethink their business procedures, methodology, and overall strategy to ensure their future direction and vision are sustainable in the new financial environment. 


As our new reality takes shape, the effects of the pandemic create new liquidity demands on government contractors while traditional lending sources are reducing commitments to middle-market borrowers. Government contractors, whose mission-critical technologies protect our homeland could see a dramatic effect on their borrowing capacity as banks begin to feel pressure on their balance sheets. 

Through 25 years of financial experience across the government, banking, and financial services industry, my goal in creating GovCon Funding Corporation was to navigate government contractors through financial challenges such as COVID-19. By leveraging our sources of capital, and deploying our investments into existing contractors, we have lessened the liquidity gap, ensuring government contractors have access to capital for expansion and growth. During these times of economic uncertainty, the opportunity to serve the needs of middle-market contractors to increase their liquidity, stabilize their financials, and support their growth is our mission.

Today, more than ever, our team of financial experts is dedicated to finding the right lending platform and commercial finance products to meet the needs of federal contractors. As aerospace and defense companies collectively readdress their financial disciplines, processes and procedures, GovCon Funding Corporation is here to provide strategic advice, industry expertise, and a blueprint to navigate through these challenging times. 

On behalf of our team at GovCon Funding Corporation, we look forward to working with you, and please stay safe. 

Thomas Panuzio


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