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GOVCON Funding Corporation Announces DARP Program

Updated: May 1, 2021

Miami, FL -  GOVCON Asset Management Services, a division of GOVCON Funding Corporation has launched the Distressed Asset Redeployment Program (DARP), to assist global financial institutions in their ability to recapture investments within their Non-Performing Loans (NPL). Through the DARP program, GovCon Funding Corporation will provide strategic guidance, funding solutions, and asset management services to lending institutions. The DARP program focuses on financial institutions who have credit exposure to companies operating in the aerospace, defense, and government service markets. 

GovCon Funding Corporation will purchase and manage portfolio assets ranging from $1MM to $50MM in value while providing asset management capabilities throughout the process.


“We have been in consultation with our strategic lending partners and realize the value this program offers financial institutions.” We have found that our market data confirms the ability of financial institutions to accelerate their recovery of assets by an additional

twenty-five (25%) to forty-five (45%) percent is the difference between a strong growth rebound and a long-term recovery.” 

-Thomas Panuzio, CEO of GovCon Funding Corporation



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