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GovCon Funding Corporation Launches GovConFC Client Portal

Updated: May 2, 2021

Miami, FL (February 9, 2021) - ​​GovCon Funding Corporation​ launches its FinTech app for global aerospace, defense and government contractors seeking funding for their capital expenditures. This digital initiative is part of GovCon Funding Corporation’s next generation approach recognizing that digital communication is the new normal and a business imperative. TheGovConFC portal​ enables ​its clients access to a centralized, managed platform that consolidates an array of communication and documentation processes to power their digital business solutions. The app provides a ​clear, compliant record of communications and transactions with ​AES-256 encryption​ security standards, maintaining a transparent overview of mission-critical processes. Instead of trying to protect and manage emails, text messages, video conferences, and document signage across multi-platforms, GovConFC’s digital portal offers everything all in one place. GovCon Funding Corporation’s digital portal provides its clients the ​ability to directly engage with their team of executives, financial experts and relationship managers through an integrated suite of secure collaboration capabilities that offer:

  • Messaging

  • Video Meetings

  • Digital Signatures

  • Virtual Data Rooms

  • AES-256 Encryption Across the Platform

  • Accurate, Relevant, and Up-to-Date Audit Trails


“Our priority was to create an app with our team of FinTech engineers that allows our customers to process their finance products more effectively than ever before.”

- Shelly Rose, Chief Marketing Officer, GovCon Funding Corporation



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