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GovCon Funding Corporation, (GCFC), is an advisory and financial services firm that offers strategic guidance to companies operating in the aerospace, defense, and homeland security sectors. Our core competency is to provide unique lending solutions through identifying and vetting financial disciplines.

Our history of work with every major U.S. government agency allows our team to provide valuable insight into the government contracting process. Our approach has resulted in over $100 million of funding on behalf of our clients and we have positioned our clients into completions of multiple M&A transactions.

Our focus is to create a roadmap of success for our client that is driven by data and insight into the market. Our team of financial experts provides funding platforms and strategic guidance to manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers operating within the aerospace, defense, energy, homeland security, transportation, and government service markets.



GovCon Funding Corporation ("GCFC")  has a proud tradition of providing funding platforms and strategic guidance to manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers operating within the aerospace, defense, homeland security, and government service markets.

Our global lending group consists of commercial banks, debt sponsors, insurance companies, global investment firms, private equity firms, and privately held lending institutions. Our experienced team of financial experts properly leverages our client's financial position to meet the capital requirement of their government contracts, while preserving their financial ratios.  At GCFC, we understand that it takes the right integration of financial products and relationships to provide the necessary capital to support today's government contracts. 

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Distressed Asset Redeployment Program

GovCon Funding Corporation provides two distinct product offerings for our asset management clients. 


Our Distressed Asset Redeployment Program, (DARP) provides financial services companies with the ability to recognize a greater asset recovery rate within their Non-Performing Loans (NPLs). Leveraging our patented technology platform, DARP is our value-added reseller (VAR) portal that leverages our patented technology platform to sell highly valued assets to existing government contractors, hence mitigating the risk to commercial and industrial loan portfolios.

GCFC's Asset  Management Program provides sophisticated turn-key solutions from inception to completion of a  contract asset acquisition process, providing guidance throughout each phase of the asset's life cycle.   Our competitive advantage is our ability to provide our clients with the lowest cost of ownership and a proven exit strategy for their investments. Currently, our asset management team monitors over 35,000 current government contracts daily to provide our clients with clarity, insight, and peace of mind that their investment in contract assets can be successfully leveraged during times of economic uncertainty.

Strategic Advisory Services
Global Lending Group
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